EEDC Prepaid Meter Application Online

EEDC prepaid meter application online

Are you living in any of the 5 states in the south Eastern region of Nigeria? This is to tell you that you can now complete your EEDC Prepaid Meter Application Online via ERC’S through the meter asset provider(MAP). See how below.

Enugu disco is also called EEDC. It stands “Enugu Electricity Distribution Company” responsible for distributing and marketing Electricity in the five (5) the South Eastern States of Nigeria, namely; Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo States respectively.

One of the most embarrassing things you can face is having to deal with EEDC workers when they are roaming your strength cutting off your lights every new month sometimes rightly and vice versa. This is not forgetting the crazy estimated billing system where you pay for what you used and the one you did not.

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Sometimes they will even give you the most hefty bill when you are out on a trip or when no one is occupying the building and, or apartment. All these make EEDC Prepaid Meter Application imperative.

To run away from these embarrassments, you need to install a prepaid meter in your house. With the EEDC prepaid Meter installed in your house, you will only pay for what you consumed and when you want too.

In this article, I will give you a detailed guide on EEDC Prepaid Meter Application, how to download Prepaid Meter Application form both online and offline. You will also get hos to track your EEDC Prepaid Meter Application online. Just read it carefully and you can easily get yours delivered to your house.

How To Apply For EEDC Prepaid Meter

The application for EEDC Prepaid Meter can broadly be divided into two. Old customers and new customers. EEDC Prepaid meter application is generally simple.

EEDC Prepaid Meter Application process for New Customers

If you are a new EEDC customer, you can apply for a prepaid meter by following the 4 steps outlined below.

1. Download the NERC approved form 74 for electricity supply application.  Click Here to Download Form 74.

2. Fill the EEDC prepaid Meter application form and submit at the EEDC district office that covers your area.

3. An EEDC account number will then be generated for you.

4. You can now use your EEDC account number to apply for a prepaid meter following the steps below.

How To Apply For EEDC Prepaid Meter for old Customers

To apply for EEDC Prepaid meter as an old customer, you have two options. To download the application form, fill it and submit to the EEDC district supplying your area. Option two is to fill and submit the form online.

Option 1:

1. Download the EEDC Prepaid Meter application form. Download EEDC Prepaid meter application form here Or;

  • Visit the EEDC website –
  • Hover your mouse on the MAP METER REQUEST tab and click on the download application form from the dropdown menu.

2. Fill the application form you download carefully. The form has 4parts. Applicant, Account, Apartment and Summary respectively. Carefully fill in the required information. If you are confused, you can use the comment box below or visit your district for assistance.

3. Submit the completed form at the EEDC district office for your location and your meter will be supplied and installed for you.

Option 2:

In this option, it is required that you will complete the EEDC meter application form online. You can then submit it after filling it. You will need to have your passport photograph ready because you will need to upload it in the application process.

To use this second option which I happen to prefer, follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and go to the EEDC official website –

2. Hover your mouse on or tap on MAP Meter Request.

3. Select Request for Meter in the drop-down menu by tapping on it the meter application page.

EEDC prepaid meter application online

4. Fill your information in the Application form. After each of the four pages, click on the “NEXT” button at the foot of the page to go to the next page or click on the “PREVIOUS” button if you have changes to make in the previous part you have filled if you think you are not sure of the first one.

5. Click on submit when you are done filling the Meter application form. And you will get an acknowledgement email in the email address you provided during the application process. Your prepaid meter will then be supplied to you in due course.

How to activate EEDC Prepaid Meter

After your prepaid meter must have been delivered, it will be installed and activated by a certified EEDC meter officer. Contact your district office if you have any enquiries about EEDC meter application.

How to Track EEDC Prepaid Meter Application Online

You can always keep track with your meter application online. This will let you know the stage of your application is at during the processing stage. To track your Meter application, follow the steps below.

1. Open your browser and visit the EEDC website on

2. Hover your mouse on the MAP METER REQUEST tab and select the Track Your Application option by clicking on it.

EEDC prepaid meter application online

3. Enter your application number in the next page and click on SUBMIT to see the progress of your meter application.

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For more information, comments and contributions about EEDC prepaid meter application process, prepaid meter application form download or how to fill the meter application form correctly, please leave a comment for us below.

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